My Focus for the New Year

by Haider on January 4, 2009 · 1 comment

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New Year’s Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. Dropping a bad habit (e.g. smoking), adopting a new habit (e.g. regular exercise), completing a project (e.g. a website), starting a project (e.g. um… a website?) and developing virtuous traits (e.g. truthfulness) are all different types of resolutions and ways to develop as individuals.

Towards the end of the last year I was planning on making my career the focus of the new year as I wanted to make a massive shift in that area of my life. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wanted to direct my focus in a different direction: towards myself.

There’s a difference between having my career as the focus and having myself as the focus: when my career is the focus I will deal mainly with career decisions and what I can produce in order to head in the direction that I want. When I am the focus, I intend on increasing my capacity to produce and to develop virtues that will serve me both in my career and in other areas of my life.

Having my career as the focus will mean that I am aiming for the direction I want to head in, whereas focusing on myself will mean that I am aiming for the person I want to become.

I will explain the difference more clearly in the upcoming days, as well as give pointers on how this approach can be taken, including examples from my own life.

Therefore, my focus for the new year is: My personal character development. :D

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