The Countdown – Day 4: Remember Your Resolutions

by Haider on December 30, 2010 · 0 comments

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Looking at my own past failures in keeping my resolutions, the most influential reason for failure has always been forgetting that I even have resolutions!

I’d be organizing my papers in March and discover a piece of scrap paper with my resolutions scribbled on it, or accidentally find a computer file with my resolutions buried in them (while searching for a completely unrelated file).

“Oh yeah! Whatever happened to these resolutions? I need to keep this file open so I can check back on these dear resolutions of mine.”

Only to shut my computer off and forget our brief encounter.

To stick to your resolutions, you have to remember them.

It’s very easy to default to past routines when you don’t remember your resolutions, and you’re bombarded with distractions that keep your mind occupied with urgent matters.

So, what sort of reminders can you use to ensure that you don’t forget your resolutions?

What kind of daily/weekly/monthly rituals can help you be mindful of your resolutions?

How can you incorporate your resolutions into your schedule so that they are always present and taken into consideration?

Are there any reasons for why you would intentionally want to forget your resolutions? Fear of failure? Fear of success?

Make sure you have reliable ways to remember your resolutions beyond January, so they can have a chance for success.

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