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July 2010

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Update: Voting has now ended. Thanks to all who managed to vote for the proposal. I will let you know if the proposal is approved. :)

Personal growth isn’t as easy as some writers make it out to be.

But it’s not always the climb that wears us out, as much as it is the baggage we carry with us and the route we take to reach our destination.

And while personal growth may not be easy, there’s an easier way to how we are currently approaching it.

This is the message behind my manifesto: The 3 R’s of Personal Growth.

The manifesto is under development, and I’ve submitted it to ChangeThis as a proposal.

By voting for the proposal on the ChangeThis website, you will have a hand in helping me get the manifesto designed, and distributed to a much wider audience.

What’s ChangeThis?

ChangeThis is an initiative to help spread great ideas, and was inspired by Seth Godin.

Each month, ChangeThis presents a list of proposals they’ve received, and get the public to vote on the proposals they want to read.

The proposals with the highest votes will be designed and distributed by the ChangeThis team as a “living, breathing manifesto.”

For a longer description of what ChangeThis does, check out their FAQ page.

What’s the 3 R’s of Personal Growth Manifesto About?

The aim of the manifesto is to establish a foundation that helps readers make the most of the personal growth literature available to them, and offers guidelines for writers on how to make their content more useful to their readers.

Below is the description that accompanies my proposal:

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information “out there”? Do you find the advice you’re coming across confusing? Are you feeling frustrated for not getting the results you want, after all the time, effort and money you’re putting into your own personal growth?

If so, then this manifesto could be what you’re looking for.

The abundance of personal growth information and resources has turned from a blessing into a curse. We are feeling more scattered than ever before. Trying to put everything into practice has led to a bottleneck situation where we can’t seem to get anything done without worrying about everything else at the same time.

This manifesto introduces the basics of personal growth we need to bear in mind to get the most out of what we read.

It’s a guide for readers on how best to approach personal growth literature and a call to writers to offer advice that contributes to the signal, and not add to the noise.

If the message behind the manifesto resonates with you, and you’d like to read the manifesto and help it spread, please vote for it using the following link:

Vote for the 3 R’s of Personal Growth Manifesto

I appreciate your support, and would love to hear from you in the comments section once you vote for the proposal! :D

And please spread the word to friends, family, readers, and strangers on the subway, or walking down the street. I’m sure they’d love to make a positive contribution to the world! :P

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