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December 2010

Resolutions look very cute on paper. You might even feel like pinching their cheeks.

But when you begin to realize that there’s an enormous gap between the desires your resolutions convey, and the lack of results you’re seeing, you start to feel like punching those resolutions in the face!

To bridge the gap between resolutions and results, you need to create rituals.

Rituals are activities performed on a regular basis, for a specific reason.

In this case, your rituals help to give physical expression to your resolutions.

It’s very cute to want to “be healthy”, but what does that even mean? What does it look like? How will you achieve it?

Rituals are specific ways you will achieve your results. They’re not done once and forgotten, but repeated in the most meaningful way possible, given your goals and your circumstances.

Some rituals are performed daily, some every other day, some every week. The possibilities are endless.

What rituals do you need in order to see your resolutions through?

What kind of schedule do you need to have to be able to cater for all your goals?

What kind of food will you be eating, and where will you buy it from?

How regularly do you wish to exercise?

How many hours would you like to spend reading? Where will you find the hours?

Think of as many specific ways you can achieve your goals, and stick to them as rituals that appear on your schedule and have a presence in your life.

Without rituals, resolutions can quickly turn into distant hopes that never materialize.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m running a day late in my countdown, since I skipped a day while traveling. I’ll publish the final post in this series tomorrow on 1 January 2011, and will continue to offer some resources for you to make the most out of 2011. Wish you a happy and enriching new year, full of growth and success. :D

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December 31, 2010

All our decisions in life are motivated by the desire to be happy.
Even dysfunctional and destructive behaviors have the same underlying intention.
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Say Goodbye To Karma!
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December 28, 2010

Goal-setting is a very stressful activity, especially when it’s commonly associated with failure.
In the hope of avoiding disappointment, many personal growth writers advocate the SMART goal-setting approach.
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