A New Year, A New Life

2011 is the year New Year’s resolutions will be associated with success and accomplishment, rather than failure and defeat.

We will mention our resolutions while beaming with joy, and not collapsed with despair.

Below you will find 2 links to documents that will help you set more realistic goals for 2011.

The first is a checklist of the questions you need to think about and answer to define your goals, and the factors that will help you achieve them (the actual checklist is on page 3, and the rest of the document helps you come up with your own answers).

The second is a weekly schedule you can use to plan out the time slots you will allocate to working on your goals.

The Checklist

The Weekly Schedule

You can download these documents free of charge, and without having to give up your email address.

Having said that, I know that one of the most important factors to personal change is regular reminders and continuous follow-up to ensure that you’re heading in the direction you want, without slowing down or giving up.

If you would like to receive more resources from me and regular tips to help you see your resolutions through, then add your name and email address in the form below.

I look forward to our journey together! 😀


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