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What’s this site about?

Personal growth enthusiasts are spending a great deal of their time looking for solutions to their problems within the vast amount of personal growth literature and resources out there. With that they are directing their focus towards digesting the literature instead of applying its teachings in their own lives. Not very helpful.

What’s more, the available information about personal growth is overwhelming, leading to increased stress and anxiety people should be able to live without.

This site isn’t intended to contribute to the literature. It aims to make the literature easier to manage and benefit from.


The approach I take is all about holistic growth and life balance.

We’ve made personal growth literature our focus that we forgot what it was intended for: personal growth. In other words, the literature is intended to make our lives better by making us better individuals, approaching life’s challenges with the right frame of mind and having the courage to take the actions necessary to move our lives forward.

But growth in a single direction (or area) of our lives isn’t really growth. It’s a mutation. That’s why we need to be aware of all areas in our lives that need our attention and care, and seek to grow in them all. We are human beings with multiple needs, which we cannot overlook. Eating doesn’t quench our thirst. Eating even more doesn’t help. It makes matters worse. But this is the approach we’re taking towards life and personal growth.

We aim to solve all our problems with positive thinking, or by making loads of money. A positive attitude satisfies a need, and money satisfies some of our needs. But they cannot be used to fully satisfy us as human beings, which is why we need to take a holistic approach towards personal growth and make a balanced life (where we pay attention to all our life areas) a priority to pursue now, rather than postpone it for a distant point in the future.

I believe that a balanced life should be the starting point of life rather than the end point. It helps us take on our challenges more effectively, while enjoying the journey of life. Work will never end, and we will never reach a point where everything in our lives is under control. So there’s no use in pretending that we will one day achieve balance if we don’t take the necessary steps today to make life balance a reality.

What’s the Personal Growth Map?

The Personal Growth Map (PGM) makes holistic growth and life balance much more achievable by identifying the seven life areas that make up our lives as human beings. These life areas are:

1) Spiritual
2) Intellectual
3) Psychological
4) Social
5) Professional
6) Recreational
7) Physical

You can read more about the Personal Growth Map in the article: Introducing the Personal Growth Map, as well as the other articles in the Personal Growth Map category.

I am currently working on a guide to achieving life balance, which will give a more detailed explanation of how the Personal Growth Map is to be used and the underlying principles behind it.

How Should I use this site?

If you’re interested in holistic growth and living a life of balance and joy, then I highly recommend that you subscribe to this site, whether for RSS updates or email notifications. You will be kept updated with all the posts I write for maximum benefit. You can also interact with me on twitter.

I would also love for you to leave me comments on the posts you find relevant to you, so that I can use your feedback to better adjust my content to your needs, and for me to benefit from your wisdom.

I look forward to interacting with you and providing you with information that can enrich your life, in all areas.

8 replies on “Getting Started”

Hi Fran,

Welcome to my blog, and I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read.

Hope to see you around! 😀

Your blog is really very clean and clear without any blah,blah,blahs…

really enjoyed meaningful thoughts u captured so nicely.

This is an inspiring and practical stuff site and I like it, will be taking time to go through it as much as I can. Thanks for putting together this thoughts and ideas.

I have started a personal growth map diary and it has helped me see where I am and where I would like to be going its has been a big help will keep you posted on my journey thanks again .

That’s great, Toni.

Wish you continued progress & success. Let me know what you find helpful and challenging. 🙂

Hello Haider,

Thank you for putting together a great blog on personal growth in a balanced perspective. You express your points succinctly in a respectful tone. I was wondering why you stop writing new blog posts after 2011. Hopefully it is because you are busy with positive activities and/or completing books. Keep up the great work!

Hi Tawni,

Thank you for the kind words. As silly as it may sound, but I stopped writing primarily because I didn’t write for a few weeks, and this hiatus extended indefinitely. It felt too burdensome to get back to writing.

I’ve written a few pieces on another blog (, mainly because I felt compelled to write them (or was asked to do so).

The other reason is that I write about balance, and I don’t feel comfortable offering advice I don’t follow. When I fall off the bandwagon I tend to stop writing.

I’ll be reviving this blog after I get my core ideas about balanced living organized and start to follow them consistently. 🙂

Thank you, once again.

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