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OK, I know this may sound disgusting, but I’m drooling right now.

I just completed a couple of resources that I think you’ll find insanely useful to…

*Wipes drool*

… achieve your resolutions.

Before you hunt those precious resources down, I’d like to thank you for reading The Countdown posts, and hope that you found them useful! :D

But as useful as they may be, they’re nowhere near as useful as these resources I’m telling you about.

To download them, head over to the New Year, New Life page.

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The Countdown – Day 2: Create Your Rituals

December 31, 2010

Resolutions look very cute on paper. You might even feel like pinching their cheeks.
But when you begin to realize that there’s an enormous gap between the desires your resolutions convey, and the lack of results you’re seeing, you start to feel like punching those resolutions in the face!
To bridge the gap between resolutions and results, you [...]

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The Countdown – Day 3: The Mirage Of Happiness

December 31, 2010

All our decisions in life are motivated by the desire to be happy.
Even dysfunctional and destructive behaviors have the same underlying intention.
Except, the understanding of happiness they are based on is one that is inconsistent with true happiness.
You can desire to make money, believing that money can buy you happiness.
You can stalk a celebrity, believing [...]

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The Countdown – Day 4: Remember Your Resolutions

December 30, 2010

Looking at my own past failures in keeping my resolutions, the most influential reason for failure has always been forgetting that I even have resolutions!
I’d be organizing my papers in March and discover a piece of scrap paper with my resolutions scribbled on it, or accidentally find a computer file with my resolutions buried in [...]

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The Countdown – Day 5: Say Goodbye To Karma!

December 28, 2010

Say Goodbye To Karma!
Karma is one of those destructive ideas people try to pass off as a natural law, proven by science and pretending to be an example of cause and effect: You do good, you see good. You do evil, you see evil.
I get worked up about the topic of karma because it leads [...]

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