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Video Challenge – Day 9: Your Thoughts on Life Balance

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This video sets the stage for discussing the Personal Growth Map and holistic growth through balanced living.

I ask 3 questions in the video, which I’d like you to think about:

1) What are the areas in personal growth do you most struggle with?

2) Do you believe that life balance is a good thing?

3) What’s preventing you from experiencing life balance?

Give these questions some thought, and I’d love to hear your answers! πŸ˜€

8 replies on “Video Challenge – Day 9: Your Thoughts on Life Balance”

Excellent questions Haider.

Personally I think “life balance” is overrated, especially if we think of balance as a noun. I don’t think it’s possible to achieve “balance” in that static sense. However I’m more open to the idea of balance as a verb – a dynamic, moving, cybernetic feedback system with many interconnected parts. And I suspect we can’t avoid this kind of balance. If we are neglecting one area of life to the detriment of another, Nature will balance the situation whether we like it or not.

Another reason I find the concept of “life balance” somewhat limiting is because it presumes there are parts of our life that are separate. Even though I just spoke of different “areas” of life I understand that’s an illusion. Life is not comparmentalized. If you try to find balance in the air in a balloon, you can squeeze the air from one end to another, but it’s still all the same air!
.-= Linda Gabriel´s last blog ..The Key to Healthy Energy =-.

Thank you for your input, Linda, and for pointing out that “life balance” can mean different things. I’ll be mentioning that in my next video, although I didn’t think of it in terms of a noun vs a verb. πŸ˜‰

I used to have a mind-map-like graphic at the top of my blog to represent the Personal Growth Map, but realized how misleading it can be to represent the life areas as being separate from each other. I now see them more as lenses, where we can focus on the Spiritual elements that permeate our thoughts and activities, or the Physical elements, etc, since it’s impossible to have an activity that is solely Spiritual, or solely Professional, etc.

Great, Linda! I’d love to see more writers explore the topic of life balance! πŸ˜€

I agree with Linda in that life tends to balance itself.
Even if you overwork stress symptoms are there for you body to let you know that you have to take things slow. Balance can mean different thing to different people at different stages of life.
What makes us who we are is many factors that ranges from genetic makeup to birth order and some may even attach zodiac birth signs as a major factor.

What is really important is to know yourself and how things or people affect you so that you can decide the dose you can accept of them.
Balance can be an overall state and not a snap shot in time.

My main shift of balance comes when I feel the responsibility for making others feel better about themselves or how they feel which is sometimes beyond my capacity and so regaining balance is when I realize that each person has to figure some things on their own.

I usually think that when I have the knowledge and someone has the skill it can lead to action but realized at some point that each individual must have all 3.

I don’t have a single area that I constantly struggle with. It is more of a shift of focus and that each area will be dealt with at the appropriate time or life stage.
.-= Fate´s last blog ..Book your seat now =-.

Some very interesting thoughts there, Fate!

While I agree with you that our bodies will naturally seek to create balance, it’s also important to make a conscious effort to create a lifestyle that promotes healthy balance, so that your body doesn’t have to pull the alarm so you can give balance attention.

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